Rocket City FurMeet: All Systems GO!

RCFM Free Press: Jan 2011

Happy New Year from everyone at RCFM! We hope you are having a wonderful year so far. We have lots to tell you about Rocket City FurMeet: Dressed to the Nines! What does Dressed to the Nines means? It means we are doing our best to put on our finest convention. Maybe we can't all afford tuxes, suits, and dresses, but we'll still make you feel like you are walking down the red carpet!


REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Now is the time to get your reservations in for membership and hotel rooms. You can start the registration process at

Guests of Honor

Our Guests of Honor this year are Kyoht and Scape the Goat.


H. Kyoht Luterman works as a freelance artist, specializing in dinosaur and fantasy illustration. Her paleo reconstructions have appeared in books, magazines and museums, as well as scientific papers. Her love of nature and animals are something she always tries to incorporate into her work.


Scapegoat is an African Pygmy Goat from the mountains of North Carolina and is happily married to a bubble blowing dragon named Shanthi. He is an artist and a musician among many other things. His passion is drawing digital media con-badges for friends and dabbling in traditional media from time to time. Scape is a registered competing bagpiper in the lower grades and a former pipeband member. He plays the Highland Pipes locally in his community for weddings, funerals and special occasions. He enjoys entertaining folks in-the-fur at the local hospital and occasionally at the farmer's market, the mall and town parades.

Mystery Guest of Honor

Don't forget our Mystery Guest of Honor! This gives you, convention goer, the chance to be a Guest of Honor. A name will be drawn at Opening Ceremonies, and during the weekend, the MGoH will treated to all the perks of a normal GoH! (hotel room excepted) So keep your fingers crossed, because we might put you in the spotlight!


For those upper crust of the fandom, there is the manager reception hosted nightly which includes free alcohol to hotel guests. (Which is a fine perk to having room at the con!) Check out for more information, pictures and a link to book your room for RCFM9!

Variety Show

Entertaining the high society includes a stage show at the con, so if you want to go "Putting on the Ritz" contact Mr. Snap E Tiger esquire or look here for more information.


If you have some skills of great repute, perhaps exploration, conquering mountains or other some such adventures Sir KO will be on hand to record your event and see to it others will be in attendance by scheduling it. He maybe contacted at


We of higher caliber are always looking to pitch in a hand. so can you by volunteering. In all aspects of the con help is needed. Just pick where you would like to assist.

Charity Auction

Now is the time to begin collecting items for RCFM's Charity Auction! You guys came through with a HUGE amount of items last year and we know we can do even better! Charitable giving was up 13% in 2010, so keep up the great work! All proceeds from the auction go directly to Parenting Children of Different Species (PCDS) who has been Rocket City FurMeet's animal charity since year one. The puppies and kitties at PCDS thank you!

Well that should take care of that till the next little newsletter comes out. So keep in touch and all that!

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