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Newsletter: May, 2010

Rocket City FurMeet Newsletter -- May 2010 Edition

Rocket City FurMeet
Huntsville, Alabama
May 28-30, 2010

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It's almost time for RCFM! The schedule is shaping up as all of our event space is being filled in. For the first time, we are expanding into the Von Braun Center next door! One of our panel rooms shall be down the walkway through the skybridge. There we will be holding the poker tournament and marathon run of fursuit construction panels hosted by Lionel. The schedule on the website is 99% complete - there you will find fursuit games, photography panels, art panels, as well as evenings filled with musical and comedy performances and dances. There's something for everyone!

King of the Beasts

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Time is running OUT! There's less than three weeks left before the opening of RCFM - LUCKY 8. If you have not gotten your con registration, WHY NOT? Don't wait till the last minute and miss out on the savings. As 2 The Ranting Gryphon would say... "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!". :)

Don't forget about our Predator/Prey discount, either. For each first time attendee that you get to register, you get $5 off your membership. With this incentive, it only takes a few friends to earn yourself a FREE membership.

Pre-Registration closes this Friday, May 14th! When you Pre-Register, don't forget to pay at that time since it is the only way you can get the pre-registration discount. You cannot pre-register now and expect to pay the lower fee at the door. It is always best to go ahead and pay when you register.

Dallas Vinson

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Actors! Performers! Skit Groups! Joke Tellers! Amazing Feats of Skill!
We are looking for YOU to perform in the 2010 Lucky 8 Variety Show!!!

Heros will once again be taking care of all lighting and sound needs. Please have all audio on CD with cue notes/special requests written down ahead of time. If you are unable to have your music on CD, you can provide Snap with a digital copy of the audio before arriving to the con and he will get a disk burnt. Also feel free to bring instruments and as many props as you'd like. We are also looking for 'stage ninjas' to help with microphone/prop placement and removal.

Please contact Snap with any questions at snapEtiger@yahoo(dawt)com

We will have a MANDATORY pre-show meeting scheduled Saturday morning. Later in the day, we will have a full dress rehearsal.

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Every year, RCFM hosts a charity auction to raise funds for our convention charity. Items are collected from our convention attendees, dealers, staff, and others. All proceeds from the auction go directly to Parenting Children of Different Species (PCDS), who has been Rocket City FurMeet's animal charity since year one.

In order for us to raise money for PCDS, we require donations of sellable items. These items may include original or printed art, plush, badge commissions, costume pieces or services, comics, collectibles... anything you would like to donate.

You may drop these items off at registration at any time up until 4 hours before the start of the auction. A table will be on display in or near the dealer's room of donated items for sale. Please make time to come to the charity auction!

~ ~ ~

In the RCFM Game Room this year, we have Father Pheonix coming from Steve Jackson games. He will be demoing some games and may have some promo items to give away to those who partiapate in the demos. We are also holding a Rock Band 2 Tournament on Sunday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm, so everyone come and join in on the fun! Also, on Friday night, we are going to have a 2 hour window for Fluxx from 7 to 9 pm, but will more than likely have several games running throughout the weekend. So, come out and have some fun with us at RCFM: Lucky 8!

~ ~ ~

Though RCFM 2010: Lucky Eight is still a few weeks away, Samii and Sabrina are looking for some help with a variety of tasks, including helping Corsi with wrangling our fursuiters, helping Zero and PITA keep their mess hall in order, and helping Setsu keep RCFM a peaceful place, just to mention a few!

Rewards for completing volunteer hour "landmarks" are as follows:
5 Hours of Volunteering -- RCFM Volunteer Mousepad
10 Hours of Volunteering -- RCFM Volunteer T-Shirt
15 Hours of Volunteering -- Free Attending-Level Membership to RCFM 2011

For more information or to sign up to volunteer, you can select the option to volunteer during registration OR e-mail the RCFM Volunteer Wranglers at:

We look forward to seeing you for RCFM: Lucky Eight!

Samii Tiger
Lead Volunteer Wrangler

Assistant Volunteer Wrangler

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