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Newsletter: Oct/Nov 2009

Rocket City FurMeet Roundup
October/November 2009 Edition
Rocket City FurMeet ~ Huntsville, Alabama ~ May 28-30, 2010 ~

Greetings From Brody

We’ve got a lot of things planned for this year, so we’re hitting the intertubes early to give you all the good news!

You may be wondering why the unflappable co-chair is delivering the usual newsletter welcome to you. I’m sorry to announce that Alexander Katz had to step down from the position of chair for personal reasons. With all the things that are going on in his life, I don’t blame him! So I will stepping up to the position of chair, and Alex will resume his role as Security Lead. We are currently unsure who will be co-chair with my promotion, but undoubtedly the Board of Directors will choose wisely.

In 2010, Rocket City FurMeet is themed Lucky 8. Why lucky 8? Because 8 is lucky in China! We will be honoring Chinese culture and history this year - or maybe it’s just an excuse to wear hanfu. We are also lucky in many ways - lucky to have such a wonderful family like you, lucky to have such a nice hotel, and lucky to have FREE BEER! (Or whatever alcohol you like.) Every afternoon in the "Manager’s Reception" area, just present your room key and order whatever drink you want. I love it!

We are happy to have with us of Guest of Honors this year, Robert King and Xian Jaguar. Robert King is an important figure in furry history. Robert coined the term "fursuit" and has been integral to the direction of the fandom since the very beginning. He will be giving his unique perspective on the fandom. If you haven’t seen Xian Jaguar’s art online, where have you been? She is a respected, long-time fandom artist whose name pops up everywhere. We’re happy to have them both! They both attended the RCFM room party at MFM and expressed their anticipation of the fun they’ll have at RCFM.

We’ve also listened to your comments and are working hard to bring improvements to RCFM: more varied panels, more open space. We’ll be keeping you informed of our improvements as we work towards Memorial Day Weekend. We’re shuffling rooms around to make sure each type of congoer gets the best experience - artist, suiter, gamer, or just plain gawker.

Rocket City FurMeet is lucky!

Brody Catsmouth
RCFM Convention Chair

Lacy Ameberwolf Gets the Golden Ticket

. . . And we don’t mean the one that provides a grand tour of Willy Wonka’s chocolate and candy factory! Lacy Amberwolf has been offered the Lifetime Membership Award, or “Golden Ticket”, for her service to Rocket City FurMeet.

Lacy Amberwolf was a staff member from the very beginning. She was integral to creating the t-shirts, deciding and ordering all of the Sponsor, Supersponsor, and Booster goodies, helping with dances, the creation and ownership of the Second Life division, and many other contributions.

Thank you, Lacy, for your years of dedication and service to RCFM! Congratulations on earning your “Golden Ticket”!

Looking for Volunteers

Though RCFM 2010: Lucky Eight is still a few months off, Samii is looking for some help with a variety of tasks, including helping Corsi with wrangling our fursuiters, helping PITA and Sage keep their mess hall in order, and helping Setsu keep RCFM a peaceful
place, just to mention a few! Rewards for completing volunteer hour “landmarks” are as follows:

* 5 Hours of Volunteering -- RCFM Volunteer Mousepad
* 10 Hours of Volunteering -- RCFM Volunteer T-Shirt
* 15Hours of Volunteering -- Free Attending-Level Membership to RCFM 2011

For more information or to sign up to volunteer, e-mail the RCFM Volunteer Wrangler at:

We look forward to seeing you for RCFM: Lucky Eight!

Wanted: Conbook Submissions

Do you have artwork, stories, or other content you’d like to submit for possible inclusion in the RCFM Lucky Eight conbook? If so, then read on to learn how to submit your creative works for consideration. While specific information for each submission type is provided below, please remember our one main rule: the general rating of the Meet is PG and all submissions for the conbook must meet this requirement to be considered.

The other main requirement for submissions is that they must be received by our Conbook Editors, Samii Tiger and Lira Kino, before the conbook deadline of April 2nd, 2010 to be considered for the conbook. Please note that the editors of the conbook reserve the right to edit all submissions for content and space requirements. Please also note that by submitting material for the RCFM conbook, you agree to grant a limited license to Rocket City FurMeet to publish the material in our conbook and to use it for RCFM
advertising, though you retain all other rights to your submitted material.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact Samii Tiger and she will be happy to assist you.

How about advertising in the RCFM conbook? It’s a great opportunity. Advertisements are only:

* $25.00 for a full page ad
* $15.00 for a half-page ad
* $10.00 for a quarter-page ad
* $40.00 for the full page inside the front or back covers

Advertisement graphics should be black & white or grayscale. Acceptable formats are Adobe Photoshop (.psd) and Adobe Illustrator (.ai) documents, as well as JPEG (.jpg) and TIFF files. JPEG and TIFF files should be 300 dpi (dots per inch). Please zip files over 3 MB. Pre-printed ad pages may be sent via postal mail.

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