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Newsletter: May 2009

Hey Y'all!




That's right. Opening Day is 21 days from -NOW-. We are at three weeks out, and that means you have to FINISH whatever it is you're doing. Doesn't matter if it's done or not, you just need to finish it and get ready for the convention.

If whatever you're doing for your individual department or event can't be completely put together and finalized in the next week, (week-and-a-half at the most), then let it go. It probably won't happen at all if you don't have it done by now.

If you have something for the Conbook that hasn't been sent to Samii and Lira, then you have a few more days to send it to them and that's ALL. During and just after this weekend they will finish the Conbook layout and
start printing. You have NO more time to get things to them. If you don't know whether or not they've received your Conbook materials, you had better confirm it with them Right Now.

The programming schedule is over 90% done at the moment. Go to the website, click the "Programming" link on the left-paw menu and check for your stuff. (ALL of you should do this!) I still have to change the Den hours and the
Game Room hours a bit, but if something on the schedule is wrong - let me know NOW. We're almost out of time to change anything, because the pocket schedules also need to be printed. They print a little later than the
Conbook, but you're still running out of time!

Also, if you have any programming item that doesn't exist yet, go here: -->

Input them now, or forget them until next year. (For example, I seem to remember talk about a "Leg-iron Artist" event a few months ago. I don't know who was supposed to run it, but it's NOT on the schedule as of right now.)


This is where we stand, people. This is the "crunch" of the crunch time. Get whatever supplies you need NOW instead of waiting until the last minute. Communicate with people you need to talk to NOW instead of waiting
until the last few days. Finish whatever planning issue you haven't NOW instead of throwing it together in the last week. (I know how you people are... :P )

We're so close to Opening our BEST year ever, in the gigantic new hotel, and it's SO close that I almost want to go pack my bags! Everyone here on the RCFM Staff has done a tremendous job this year dealing with a difficult
planning and setup. I and the Board are very glad to have all of you helping to get RCFM off the ground and in the air, so Thank You for your efforts to this point!

Now, one last push and we will off and flying. For the Seventh Year in a Row, no less! Just make SURE that all your ducks are in a row, RIGHT NOW. Three weeks may seem like a long time, but believe me when I say that THIS
is the last chance to get anything done.

Get your stuff done and let's get on with this convention, shall we?

See you all here in Huntsville, REAL SOON! :D


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