Rocket City FurMeet: All Systems GO!

Newsletter: May 2008

Issue 8, Vol. I
May, 2008

Hey Y'all,

It's been an eventful month, in many different ways. I have good news, bad
news, and just plain news.

The Dealers' Den is FULL! All the tables are now called for, but Shiro still
has a waiting list. If somebody suddenly can't make it and doesn't need a
table, then he goes down the waiting list to assign available tables. News of
this can be found on the Den page of the website and a blurb on the home page
of the website. -->

Get your Pre-reg in as soon as you can! The pre-reg only lasts until May
20th, so time is quickly running out. We currently have more pre-reg numbers
than last year, and that's a good thing because we're spending more on the
hotel this year, but the amount of time you have to get the GOOD price for
your reg is almost gone!

And on that note, please get your reservations in place for your hotel room!
The hotel is rapidly filling up and you don't want to be left out! It also
helps the hotel to know that most, or all, of the rooms are already called
for - so every room we get on the reservations list NOW really helps over the
next few weeks.

Also, I've learned that 2 is not going to be able to make it to RCFM. He has
a sudden issue that came up that will require him to be in Michigan during RCFM
weekend, so he sends his regrets and won't be able to join us. We will miss
him, but "real-life" comes first and we'll have to wait until the next
convention to see him again.

And for a bit of better news... We are having a raffle this year to benefit
our resident Charity, PCDS. We will have a higher-end HP laptop as a first
prize, a black 60 gig I-pod with full Belkin accessory kit as a second prize
and a $25 Visa gift card as a third prize. Tickets for this raffle will be $5
apiece, or $20 for 5 of them. Buy as many as you like, until the roll of 1000
tickets runs out. (Tickets to be sold cash-only, no credit cards. ONLY RCFM
attendees may buy raffle tickets. Prizes have no cash value. Drawing to be
held at Closing Ceremonies. Must be present at Closing, and HOLDING YOUR
TICKET to win.)

There are a great number of things that have come up at the last minute this
year. Some require serious changes, some are pretty surprising, some are just
news. Keep checking in on the home page of the website, on the
rocketcityfurmeet yahoo group and the RCFM LJ for new news. We will do our
best to post news as it comes up, in between spending time dealing with this
stuff... as it comes up.

See you all in a few weeks!!! :D



Coming up this month in the Rocket City FurMeet Sim in Second Life, we have
a couple of events you might find interesting!
May 3rd we're having our traditional Pre-Con RAVE! That's right! Bring your
glowsticks and rainbows! We're gonna be ringing in Furry Convention Season the
way only Rocket City can! Our own Foxxeh DJ gets us in the mood with all the
best music! Come on by, and be ready to DANCE!
May 10th brings us a Very Special Dance. Alex's Imperial Night! He commands
you to bring yourself and your friends over for "interrogation." The Most Loyal
Furs will be given a Special Reward.
May 17th, the weekend before RCFM, we're having a FREE KO Party! KO
himself will be in the sim (captive, of course) for this event! You will have
to drop by the sim to get info on this one -- it's highly classified and we
don't want Our Dictator to know we're scheming!
THEN, on May 23rd, you can come to the Real Life Rocket City FurMeet. After
visiting our sim and seeing the hotel and the event rooms, you'll already know
where everything is! Plus, you get to hang out in real life with the friendly
Staff Furs you've spent so much time with in-sim! We look forward to meeting
you in SL and at the con!


Aye, we're ship shape and coming down to the finish line! We are less than a
month from the start of the con! And believe it or not, we have some awesome
programming planned! The convention's programming is looks totally AWESOME! And
you can bet that while we're not finished yet - all that remains is swabbing
the deck a bit and making everything ship-shape for the entrance into the RCFM
Radisson's harbor. And just to remind everyone of the programming plans that we
have - here is just some of the line up so far:
- Are you into gaming? PC or Board? Well we have both! We have Yu-gi-oh,
Soul Caliber, Furry DnD and FPS games planned and programmed! And if that's not
enough, bring your GameCube for the Smash Brothers Tournement or your Nintendo
DS system for the DS Festival!
- The Furry Variety Show is now on Saturday Afternoon and been turned over
to the incredible SnapE Tiger! That's right, SnapE will be in a prime spot
Saturday with the rest of the fursuiters for the convention! And those wishing
to get their last minute acts in need to contact SnapE ( )
as soon as possible, as the show is filling up rapidly!
- Leg Iron Artist will test man and beast with a challenge of the artist
kind - to see which artist can make the most out of the items they are given.
The winner is given the title "RCFM Iron Artist" for the rest of the year, and
other snazzy and "shiny" objects to be adored for!
- RCFM6 will have live bands every night of the con! These bands will be
bringing you the sounds you crave at RCFM6!
o Critical Fail
o Crimson Mist
o Controlled Substance
- The Art Auction is now a silent auction, and will not be part of the
charity auction. This means the price you bid, is the price you pay (not
including sales tax, unfortunately.) And this year, All artists who contribute
pieces will be invited to a special "Artist's Reception" to be given in their
honor! That's right, Boosters and Artists will be invited to a special
reception Saturday evening in the Artist show where some fine finger food and
drinks will be served!
- And we still have a couple of panels in the Art Show remaining - but they
are almost full!
- Second Life's track of panels is beyond compare - No other furry con has
it's own Second Life Track or as many panels. RCFM on Second Life - 24/7 - the
con that never ends!
- Fursuiting has never seen so much involvement in the convention! This
includes the parade to kick things off, a meet n' greet, a whole mess o'
fursuiting games, and a poolside swimsuit competition! And remember the
"Deep 6" theme when designing your costumes!
- And dances are scheduled every night of the con!
- Closing Ceremonies will not be until late Sunday afternoon, so no leaving
early! But the con doesn't really end then... we just move on to the Sunday
night party! So make your plans to stay Sunday night too... you won't be
- Programming starts Friday at noon, and runs until late Sunday night! So
heave to and get ready to board - this is going to be an awesome ride!


With only a few weeks left until Rocket City FurMeet, the Volunteer Department
is pleased to welcome Filthy Rotten as a member of the Rocket City FurMeet
Staff. Filthy Rotten will be assisting Samii and Xanthe with duties for the
con this year, so that means triple the wrangling power!

Do you want to help your side of the coup? Provide assistance to one of the
friendliest cons in the United States? Rocket City FurMeet is looking for
willing volunteers to help in such departments and events
as Security (with the approval of Alex "The Exalted" Katz), the Art Show,
Hospitality, and Critical Fail concert set-up, and much more! If interested,
e-mail Samii Tiger or Xanthe Equine for more information.

Rocket City Volunteering is a neutral party in the struggle for control of
Rocket City FurMeet and supplies volunteers to both sides. Thusly, Rocket City
Volunteers are considered neutral parties by affiliation. However, Samii,
Xanthe, and Filthy Rotten make no attempts at enforcing this in an effort to
promote an atmosphere of free will.

Rewards for completing volunteer hour "landmarks" are as follows:
5 Hours of Volunteering -- RCFM Volunteer Mousepad
10 Hours of Volunteering -- RCFM Volunteer T-Shirt
15 Hours of Volunteering -- Free Attending-Level Membership to RCFM 2009

For more information or to sign up to volunteer, e-mail Samii at or Xanthe at

We look forward to seeing you on Memorial Day Weekend!

©2014 Rocket City FurMeet, Inc.