Rocket City FurMeet: All Systems GO!

Newsletter: March, 2008

Issue 6, Vol. I
March, 2008

Some of you have been asking about the hotel room block. True, we've had delays getting
the room block ready - there is a change in hotel managers at the Raddison this year, so
it's like starting from scratch in some areas!

I would like to say that you are now able to reserve a hotel room at the always-low RCFM
room rate of $79 per night. You can either call reservations at 256-882-9400 (and ask for
the RCFM room block) or go to their website:

Another issue we have been having is the shortness of the room block. Our room block will
be extended! We're merely having issues with the hotel's online reservation service, and
we will announce when we get the block extended.

Some of you are asking what "STE 1", "STE 2", etc. are on the hotel reservation page. Each
one is a different type of suite available in the hotel. If you choose one and go to the
next page, you can see what amenities are included with each suite. I forget exactly what
is in each one, but I think the STE 1 option is a king or two queens Sleep Number bed(s),
and STE 2 is 2 normal double beds. I don't think STE 4 or 5 are available at this time.

Hope this clears some info up!

See you soon,
Brody Catsmouth
RCFM co-chair

Chair Insert:
Just as an update to what Brody was saying, the room reservations dates have been changed to
May 20th through the 28th at the RCFM room rate. Please note that you MUST select "STE1"
when reserving your room.

(The "STE2" has a data glitch, and as Brody said - the only difference is that the "1" type
is a sleep-number bed and the "2" type is a regular bed. Since you can't reserve a bed-type
in a room block such as ours anyway... I don't see why Radisson left the "select rate" info
on their website. But, whatever. Just select "STE1" and all will be well. ;> )

All pertinent details have now been updated on the Hotel page of the RCFM website, which you
can find here: -->


(P.S. In case you think $79 isn't very good, look at the prices outside the RCFM room block
on the Radisson site for this hotel. They're normally $134 a night or higher! (!!!)

Greetings everyone!!!

We have finally managed to get the Dealer Registration site for RCFM online. I am so sorry
that it has taken this long. To register as a dealer, please go to
and click on "Register Online Now." This will allow you to register your tables and yourself
at the same time.

If you have already registered yourself, please email me directly and I can take care of
your table registration personally.

I look forward to seeing you all and we are looking forward to yet another banner year with
record sales in the Dealers' Den!!!

Dealers' Den Commander
Member, RCFM Board of Directors

Mews from the Head Cat:

The past few months have seen a great number of changes, movements, accomplishments,
finalized plans, loosely defined plans, new ideas, old ideas... and so much more! Perhaps
the most notable accomplishment is baby Alexis, born to MooiVos and Camstone on December
22nd. Congrats to you both, and may all our endeavors turn out this well! (Though cats are
still cuter than foxes...)

And speaking of that sly fox... Camstone and Commander Kitsune have been busy getting the
schedule for 2008 set up, filled in, fleshed out, and all other manner of atrocious things
foxes do! While many of the core events are in place, keep in mind that some of these may
change or move around as they get the schedule whipped into shape. (It's a fox thing, I'm
sure, with all the whipping and stuff...) Check the RCFM site and see what the preliminary
schedule has to offer! -->

Also on the website, the Hotel reservations page is awaiting your attentions! So go reserve
your room at RCFM now at the convenient Radisson site, which has the RCFM room rate available
from May 20th to the 28th. From the Hotel page of our site, just go to and
select the dates you wish to reserve, making sure to select "STE1" in the "rate:" menu box.

On the subject of programming, is it true there are going to be THREE bands performing at
RCFM this year? No! Make that FOUR bands performing at RCFM this year! In addition to
Critical Fail, Crimson Mist and Controlled Substance, our very own electronics engineer
Heros is bringing his newly-minted stage show this year - and I'm sure it will be well worth
attending. So check your schedules for "Wyldwood" and prepare for some good tunes! (I'm sure
there's a joke about 'Three C's and a W' in there somewhere...)

And speaking of shows... don't forget to check out the Furry Variety Show on Saturday
afternoon! This year we have Susan Foxx (nee, Butterscotch Vixen) devoting ALL of her time
and attention from now until convention weekend to bring YOU the biggest and best FVS that
RCFM has ever SEEN! (And I'm beginning to think the Head Cat will call in sick for a couple
hours so he can go watch it...)

For you prospective Furry Writers out there, be aware that we now have Phil Geusz setting up
an excellent Writing Track for RCFM! This is just one more good thing that will be happening
at our busy little convention, and I know a number of people are really looking forward to
this. There will be panels on short stories, shared universes... and, of course, a chance to
meet up with other writers and share ideas!

There's a lot more I could tell you, but wouldn't you rather go to the source? Just check
out the RCFM website for News and Information regarding the Meet! The site URL is easy to
remember... --> But, if you've already read the entire website and
you're still looking for more - try checking the RCFM LJ for recent news, Meet information
and actual conversation with actual RCFM Staff! -->

'Til May, fellow Furries... 'Til May. When we shall see thee again and remember good times,
while making even more... ;)

Head Cat
Rocket City FurMeet

(That's "Cap'n o' the Ship" to you, ye swabbies!)


Do you know what the best way to start your Rocket City Furmeet experience is? By ... not
waiting in a registration line! Pre-registration for Rocket City Furmeet is now available on
the website. An Attending-level membership can be had for $35, a Sponsoring level for $45, a
Super-Sponsoring level for $75 and a Booster-level membership for $140. Booster level members
will receive a special RCFM T-shirt, an exclusive 8 1/2" x 11" color print autographed by our
Guest of Honor, a Chinese buffet lunch with the Guests of Honor at the New China Buffet, an
invitation to the Head Cat's Booster Appreciation Room Party, front row seating at all the
popular events in the RCFM Event Room, a booster exclusive 8 1/2" x 11" color print
autographed by the Guest of Honor, a special Boosters' Sunday Brunch, and a private stock of
selected beverages and snacks.

Visit us online at and sign on our ship today!


The convention's programming is looking AWESOME! You can bet that the wind has filled our
programming sails, and we're tacking to make sure that everyone has a great time! And here
are some major programming changes you should all be aware of:

* The Furry Variety Show is now on Saturday Afternoon! That's right, it's moved up to a
prime spot Saturday with the rest of the major line up of the convention!
* The Art Auction is now a silent auction, and will not be part of the charity auction. This
means the price you bid, is the price you pay (not including sales tax, unfortunately.)
* And we have even MORE panels in the Art Show compared to last year! So we can show more and
need more art to show! If someone is a great artist, and can't afford the price of a panel,
but perhaps willing to donate some their art for charity, let us know - We will try to get
them in! We also have spaces available "For show/Not for sale" pieces.
* And this year, All artists who contribute pieces will be invited to a special "Artist's
Reception" to be given in their honor! That's right, Boosters and Artists will be invited
to a special reception Saturday evening in the Artist show where some fine finger food and
drinks will be served!
* Are you ready to rumble with Crayons? Well then, come to "Leg Iron Artist!" and see which
artist can make the most out of the items they are given. The winner is given the title
"RCFM Iron Artist" for the rest of the year, and other snazzy bragging rights!
* We have 4, count them -FOUR- bands, with live performances every night of the con!
o Critical Fail
o Crimson Mist
o Controlled Substance
o Wyldwood
* 2 The Ranting Gryphon will be performing live at RCFM6!
* Second Life is it's own dedicated track now! RCFM is the only Furry Convention with it's
own Second Life Track that is FULL of Panels! RCFM on Second Life - 24/7 - the con that never
* Dances are scheduled every night of the con! So bring your dancing shoes! The DJ's are
already warming up their platters!
* Closing Ceremonies will not be until late Sunday afternoon, so no leaving early!

Finally, anyone wishing to hold a panel at RCFM Deep 6 should contact the programming chair
at as soon as possible! Thanks and we'll be updating you with more
next month! - Camstone Fox & Commander Kitsune

Writing, The 'Other" Furry Art

Are you a writer? Poet? Story teller? Fabulist? If so, then be sure to check out the 2008
Writing Track at RCFM!

Track Head Phl Geusz is committed to presenting a series of panels that will be both
enjoyable and educational to authors of all skill levels, from beginners still stringing
their first words together to commercially-published novelists.

So far, topics will include the art of writing in story universes, how to compose ultrashort
works, and a special panel, in tribute to our con's theme, on nautical storytelling. Best of
all, the whole shebang kicks off with a low-key meet and greet where writers can let down
their hair together and complain about stingy publishers, slow royalty payments, and how in
our fandom graphic artists always get all the glory.

See you there!

From the Desk of Samii Tiger, Hatch Master of Rocket City FurMeet:

As the time for setting sail on our weekend journey approaches, I find myself looking for
folks to fill positions among my crew.

At the moment, I've got the following positions and many more available:
- Stage Ninjas for the Rocket City Furry Variety Show: Help Butterscotch and crew with
set changes and props for the performers
- Setup for our bands, as well as our nightly dances
- Panel assistants
- Security minions (with the approval of our Head of Security, Alex)

As reward for service to the convention, volunteers are eligible for the following:
With only five (5) hours of logged volunteer time, you get a special RCFM mousepad.
With ten (10) hours of logged volunteer time, you get a T-Shirt designed specially for
If you log fifteen (15) hours, you can come to RCFM in 2009 for free!

If there are any questions about volunteering, folks can contact me at
or via AIM at SamiiTiger.

Until the next time....


Submit to the RCFM Deep Six Conbook!

Do you have artwork, stories, or other content you'd like to submit for possible inclusion in
the RCFM Deep Six conbook? If so, then read on to learn how to submit your creative works for
consideration. While specific information for each submission type is provided below, please
remember our one main rule: the general rating of the Meet is PG and all submissions for the
conbook must meet this requirement to be considered.

The other main requirement for submissions is that they must be received by our Graphics
Assistant, Kiwihunter, before the conbook deadline of April 2nd, 2008 to be considered for
the conbook. Please note that the editor of the conbook reserves the right to edit all
submissions for content and space requirements. Please also note that by submitting material
for the RCFM conbook, you agree to grant a limited license to Rocket City FurMeet to publish
the material in our conbook and to use it for RCFM advertising, though you retain all other
rights to your submitted material.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact Kiwihunter and she will
be happy to assist you.

How about advertising in the RCFM conbook? It's a great opportunity. Advertisements are only:

o $25.00 for a full page ad
o $15.00 for a half-page ad
o $10.00 for a quarter-page ad
o $40.00 for the full page inside the front or back covers

Advertisement graphics should be black & white or grayscale. Acceptable formats are Adobe
Photoshop (.psd) and Adobe Illustrator (.ai) documents as well as JPEG (.jpg) and TIFF files.
JPEG and TIFF files should be 300 dpi (dots per inch). Please zip files over 3 MB. Pre-printed
ad pages may be sent via postal mail. Please address them to

RCFM Conbook
2603 Landsdale Drive
Huntsville, AL 35810, USA.

For help with advertisement design at very reasonable rates, please contact Lacy Amberwolf .
Advertisement submissions will be accepted up to the conbook deadline on a first come, first
served basis until all advertising space is filled.


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