Rocket City FurMeet: All Systems GO!

Newsletter: September, 2007

Issue 4, Vol. I
Septermber, 2007


Dateline 08/28/2007

This morning at approximately 0437 Members of the unlawful resistance
movement attacked the very comfortable compound where KO was housed. There
were no injuries to Official RCFM guards, but KO escaped with his comrades.
Be on the lookout for KO aka KO. Our Furry Bureau of Investigations feels
confidant that he will surface in Memphis at the upcoming Mephit Fur Meet.

If you see him, it is your duty to report his location to RCFM Security.


The Art Show - Passing of the guard from Camstone Fox to Smrgol

As the Art show closed last year, Camstone, Smrgol and Kamau packed away the
last of the display panels. Even before the panels had reached their storage
locker, the scarlet fox was contemplating his next big adventure. Still, he
took a minute to review the art show results, walking through the show in
his mind - and remembering the near frenetic pace from the beginning of
check-in to the end of the bidding and check-out.

After all was said and done, many artists came up and congratulated the
staff and volunteers on a job well done at the RCFM 5 Art Show. In fact, the
Art Show staff should feel very proud that they generated the sales they did
- and that the Art Auction consisted of eight very good pieces of art which
generated much interest and more than a few extra dollars for their artists.

We were extremely pleased to have our Guests of Honor, the Carspeckens, stop
by the art show on numerous occasions, mentioning that they appreciated the
work done by the staff. We can only promise that next year will be even

In the coming months, Artists will be thinking about the theme of the
convention... Deep 6... and wondering what artwork to submit to the show.
Will we see a swashbuckling canine swinging through the rigging onto a
Spanish Galion? A deep sea diving tiger riding a sting ray? A furry King
Neptune? Or maybe an equine deep space explorer finding a mysterious number
six in a moon crater. The fox's imagination reeled at the possibilities.

Camstone will have other things to do for RCFM 6, so the art show duties
will be passed to his Kirin friend, Smrgol. But the fox is always in the
wings pondering new and devious schemes.

So what's going to change with Smrgol in charge? LOTS! In fact, artists
should realize that when they submit work to display at RCFM 6 it gets them
into the Private Artist's Reception... That's right - a PRIVATE reception
just for artists, boosters and staff! There the artists will be able to
discuss their works in a relaxed atmosphere. They will be lauded with drink
and tasty tidbits - and praise will flow freely.

What is the price of admission to this wonderous event? Well you can guess
that, can't you? Just hang a few pieces of art! Even if you only want to
display your work but not sell it we can accommodate you and it still gains
you entrance. So sign up for a panel or two ? there are only 20 left to

We are working hard on this and other interesting things even as you read
this text - including new ways to submit the forms for the art show. It will
be even easier than last year! That's right... easier? Everyone likes
easier... How can we do this you ask? Well... it's a secret right now...
and besides, we have to have something to write about for future issues of
the newsletter, right? So you'll just have to wait ... but for now, let's
say that the foundations have been laid and things are moving ahead at full



Submit to the RCFM Deep Six Conbook!

Do you have artwork, stories, or other content you'd like to submit for
possible inclusion in the RCFM Deep Six conbook? If so, then read on to
learn how to submit your creative works for consideration. While specific
information for each submission type is provided below, please remember our
one main rule: the general rating of the Meet is PG and all submissions for
the conbook must meet this requirement to be considered.

The other main requirement for submissions is that they must be received by
our Graphics Assistant, Kiwihunter, before the conbook deadline of April
2nd, 2008 to be considered for the conbook. Please note that the editor of
the conbook reserves the right to edit all submissions for content and space
requirements. Please also note that by submitting material for the RCFM
conbook, you agree to grant a limited license to Rocket City FurMeet to
publish the material in our conbook and to use it for RCFM advertising,
though you retain all other rights to your submitted material.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact
Kiwihunter and she will be happy to assist you.

How about advertising in the RCFM conbook? It's a great opportunity.
Advertisements are only:

o $25.00 for a full page ad
o $15.00 for a half-page ad
o $10.00 for a quarter-page ad
o $40.00 for the full page inside the front or back covers

Advertisement graphics should be black & white or grayscale. Acceptable
formats are Adobe Photoshop (.psd) and Adobe Illustrator (.ai) documents as
well as JPEG (.jpg) and TIFF files. JPEG and TIFF files should be 300 dpi
(dots per inch). Please zip files over 3 MB. Pre-printed ad pages may be
sent via postal mail. Please address them to RCFM Conbook,
2603 Landsdale Drive, Huntsville, AL 35810, USA. For help with advertisement
design at very reasonable rates, please contact Lacy Amberwolf .

Advertisement submissions willl be accepted up to the conbook deadline on a
first come, first served basis until all advertising space is filled.

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