Rocket City FurMeet: All Systems GO!

Newsletter: Oct/Nov, 2007

Issue 5, Vol. I
October/November, 2007


RCFM will be doing another Radio Play again this year. Written by Jeff Goode himself.
This is one of the Disney Channel Jake Long: American Dragon scripts that were aired on
the channel. Once again we will be casting roles in the Script and you get to voice a
character from the show. The process is simple, Audition, Rehearsal and then Showtime!
Come in be cast in the 2nd Radio play of the fandom only at RCFM 6


Well I am currently working on:
Tee-shirts for the volunteers & Artists for Artist Alley
Looking for alternate lighting sources
Developing a table plan for the room
Working on a door sign
Thinking of an item that will draw people into the room
Trying to develop an Artist address/email book of artists
I have several other ideas that I am thinking of my head is swamped and I am so
looking forward for Deep Six.

Between work, school, and family issues I am trying my best to serve my artists and their
customers with new ideas to make their experience during RCFM a happy enjoyable
experience away from the stress and drama of everyday life.

Ren`ai aka Jamie Neon


Do you know what the best way to start your Rocket City Furmeet experience is? By ... not
waiting in a registration line! Pre-registration for Rocket City Furmeet is now available
on the website. An Attending-level membership can be had for $35, a Sponsoring level for
$45, a Super-Sponsoring level for $75 and a Booster-level membership for $140. Booster
level members will receive a special RCFM T-shirt, an exclusive 8 1/2" x 11" color print
autographed by our Guest of Honor, a Chinese buffet lunch with the Guests of Honor at the
New China Buffet, an invitation to the Head Cat's Booster Appreciation Room Party, front
row seating at all the popular events in the RCFM Event Room, a booster exclusive 8 1/2"
x 11" color print autographed by the Guest of Honor, a special Boosters' Sunday Brunch,
and a private stock of selected beverages and snacks.

Visit us online at and sign on our ship today!


Camstone Fox & Commander Kitsune Reporting

As we left our cohorts in programming last time, they were typing their fingers away for
the new scheduling grid that charts the course for RCFM6. Of course, no plan goes
completely "as planned," and the two foxes kept eyes on the factions to their left and
right. Mostly the two factions seem to be saving most of their ammunition for the action
convention but some minor skirmishes and programming issues were solved with judicious
application of a bucket of ice cold water. As a result, acts and panel slots are being
adjusted for location and things seemed to be filling up the grid nicely. Staple food
events are being confirmed and coordinated by the every charming unicorn PITA and KO's
"titanium enhanced morning cappuccino bliss" is already in the final stages of
coordination and program planning.

As well, 2 the Ranting Gryphon is busy preparing new material for DEEPSIX, and other
track leads and assistants are busy working on their complimentary panel materials.
Lionel of Lion of the Sun Fursuits, the amazing artist Werepuppy, and Eltee Statosky from
Luskwood in Second Life are all confirmed as Guests of Honor, and preparing panels for

Also, it looks like we may again be repeating the highly successful "Radio Play" from
RCFM5 at DEEP6! And for those of you with Furry Avatars - Second life panels that were
hugely successful - will again be held, and the amazing Lacy Musketeer has agreed to
organize the SL track for RCFM6! In addition, our other panelists and track leaders are
preparing materials including popular "How to" sessions and spiritual discussions, so you
will be getting the most out of every hour of the con!

So you're probably asking "Well what's new?"

Well, for starters, how about a real Artist's Reception in the Art Gallery?! That's
right, a chance for those who are showing pieces at the art show to get free eats and
adoration from their biggest fans. Oh wait, did we tell you that the price of getting in
was entering a piece of art in the show, or being at least a sponsors level at RCFM?
Well, you better start
drawing or upgrade that registration to get your chance to sip some wine or nibble on
some cheese - while you discuss the finer points of inking naughty bits with a micro-pen!
(Those who are minors will be discussing the finer points of inking spots on a cheetah
over sodas.)

And, A MYSTERY GUEST OF HONOR! Who knows, it could be you! That's right, someone will be
selected totally at random to be the RCFM Mystery Guest of Honor. And they will be
treated like a celebrity! (Maybe you should register more than once to improve your
odds!) RCFM staff understands the importance of ALL our attendees, since we wouldn't even
have a meet without your attendance. So to show our appreciation, ONE lucky person is
going toreceive a great big Thank You from RCFM and become an actual Guest of Honor! For
the entire Meet - and recorded in the RCFM6 History books! We would like to do this for
everyone, but... "There can be only One". The registered Attendee who is selected will
then be invited to ALL Guest and Booster events and will be given ALL due recognition as
our "Attendee Guest of Honor," including the Booster reserved "huge bag o' swag."

And new this year, we're doing things to even make the dealer's life simpler! We're
considering them carefully and with due diligence this year as the grid is being
prepared. After all, Our Dealers are our furry friends too! (At least some of them? I
think? oh? right? Jim Groat is definitely furry? although he's not always that
friendly.) So dealers, if you have a panel or event that you want to do, please let us
know soon so we can set up a time when the dealer's room is closed and it is convenient
to you too!

Those who are looking to be track or panels leads or being their assistants are highly
encouraged to contact either Camstone or Commander Kitsune soon, so that they can get the
panel information completed and allow us to provide the best rooms from what is still
left or available. Those with something of interest, should email their requests to:, including a short description (of about fifty to seventy
words, or ten sentences) of the panel that will go into the printed program, who
specifically will be leading the panel (and be our main POC with email address,) and
which track it will be in if known, and special requirements for it (AC outlets, artist
easel, chairs, no chairs, etc.) Once we have that basic information, we'll be contacting
the track and panel leads to finalize panel or event locations. Please note, just because
you had a specific time or room last year will not ensure that you will get it again at

And last, but by no means least, Camstone will be in the RCFM Huntsville Radisson (in his
smexy red business suit) the week of November 4th so locals are welcomed to contact him
and stop by at his palatial hotel room to talk programming over a "tastey beverage."
Yeah, he's even buying... and we know how often that happens!



Submit to the RCFM Deep Six Conbook!

Do you have artwork, stories, or other content you'd like to submit for possible
inclusion in the RCFM Deep Six conbook? If so, then read on to learn how to submit your
creative works for consideration. While specific information for each submission type is
provided below, please remember our one main rule: the general rating of the Meet is PG
and all submissions for the conbook must meet this requirement to be considered.

The other main requirement for submissions is that they must be received by our Graphics
Assistant, Kiwihunter, before the conbook deadline of April 2nd, 2008 to be considered
for the conbook. Please note that the editor of the conbook reserves the right to edit
all submissions for content and space requirements. Please also note that by submitting
material for the RCFM conbook, you agree to grant a limited license to Rocket City
FurMeet to publish the material in our conbook and to use it for RCFM advertising, though
you retain all other rights to your submitted material.

If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact Kiwihunter and she
will be happy to assist you.

How about advertising in the RCFM conbook? It's a great opportunity. Advertisements are

o $25.00 for a full page ad
o $15.00 for a half-page ad
o $10.00 for a quarter-page ad
o $40.00 for the full page inside the front or back covers

Advertisement graphics should be black & white or grayscale. Acceptable formats are Adobe
Photoshop (.psd) and Adobe Illustrator (.ai) documents as well as JPEG (.jpg) and TIFF
files. JPEG and TIFF files should be 300 dpi (dots per inch). Please zip files over 3 MB.
Pre-printed ad pages may be sent via postal mail. Please address them to RCFM Conbook,
2603 Landsdale Drive, Huntsville, AL 35810, USA. For help with
advertisement design at very reasonable rates, please contact Lacy Amberwolf .
Advertisement submissions will be accepted up to the conbook deadline on a
first come, first served basis until all advertising space is filled.

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