Rocket City FurMeet: All Systems GO!

Newsletter: June, 2007


Issue 1, Vol. I
June 2007

Con-Staff in Turmoil

At closing ceremonies of the 2007 Rocket City Fur Meet, Alexander katz, head of RCFM Security, staged a Coup with the support and backing of his rather large security staff. They managed to seize power away from K.O. with little resistance. Or so they thought.

Brody Catsmouth, RCFM Treasurer, managed to escape the takeover and is even now in hiding building a growing resistance against Alex in an attempt to get K.O. returned to power.

Open confrontation began on 29 May 2007, on the RCFM LiveJournal community when Alex posted:

ATTENTION Rocket City FurMeet.

This is your Leader Alexander Katz.
Our Mutiny was a Success!
WE have liberated Rocket City FurMeet!
We have the despised KO in custody and have our SECURITY Forces searching
for his accomplice Brody Catsmouth. We will soon have Brody in custody and
shall put an end to this unlawful Resistance movement!

RCFM DEEP SIX -- Alex Con 2008 will be the best Fur Meet ever, and you are
all expected to attend.

Alexander Katz
RCFM Commander

A few short moments after Alex made his post, Brody fired back with:

To the new regime of Rocket City Furmeet:

Your oppressive and bloody coup marks a black day on all of our calendars. The ends shall never justify the means, and the deaths of the thousands of innocent people shall damn your souls to hell.

You shall never take me alive, your junta will collpase under the demands of the people, and KO shall live forever.

Vive la resistance!

And so, in the immortal words of Ambassador Kosh of Vorlon: “And So It Begins”.

The RCFM Black Ops department has declared itself to be neutral in this skirmish And has been tasked by Draconis to put out the RCFM Newsletter for the next year. In light of recent events, that newsletter is what you are now reading, the RCFM FREE PRESS.

Black Ops will do its best to remain neutral in the coming months, and this paper will remain an open and neutral forum for ALL factions to air their grievances.

So far, there are two confirmed factions vying for control, and there are rumors of a third faction forming. This is starting to look like it is going to be a VERY interesting year.

Any factions or persons wishing to be heard should contact the paper at: . Be assured that your address and other contact info WILL remain anonymous.

RCFM 2007 Breaks ALL records

The 2007 Rocket City Fur Meet broke ALL of it’s previous records. These records were attendance, charity donations, vendor sales, and fursuiters.

Attendance for the 2007 event was 332 attendees; this was a 40% increase over 2006. This number also meant that we had to utilize the hotel next door for over-flow. As much as we all like the Raddison Suites, and as good as they have been to us, it may actually be time to start looking for a larger venue.

The donations for the RCFM Charity, “Parenting Children of a Different Species (PCDS)”, reached an all-time high as well with just over $2000 being raised to help these poor homeless animals.

Vendor sales, which included all sales in the Barnyard as well as the Artist Alley and Art Show, also broke records by bringing in over $25,000 this year. And this was WITH the credit card problems that were occurring at the checkout.

Fursuiter attendance was also at a new high with 45 suiters in attendance. RCFM loves to see the growing number of fursuiters, and this growing number is just one more reason to start looking for a new venue, since they were rather cramped in the headless lounge this year.

RCFM 2008 Announced

The theme for the 2008 Rocket City Fur Meet is ‘DEEP SIX’. While this sounds like possibly a nautical theme, I am told that it is not limited to that. So all you fursuiters and artists out there get those ole gears lubricated and start coming up with those wonderful creations.

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