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Newsletter: August, 2007

Vol 1, Issue 3
August 2007
**Plain Text version**


RCFM Deep-Six is very happy to announce that WerePuppy has agreed to be our
Artist Guest of Honor for 2008! He has been published in Furnation magazine
and has been a well-recognized and talented Furry Artist for a number of years.


Werepuppy's website also has a number of examples of his Artwork, so check it


We're ALSO quite pleased to announce that Eltee Statosky, one of the founders
of the Luskwood community on Second Life, has agreed to be our Panelist of
Honor for RCFM 6! We expect to see quite a few interesting and informative
Panels and other Events at the convention in 2008. More here about Eltee: -->

- -

I'm currently in communication with a possible second Guest of Honor, but I
won't name Names just yet.I will say right now is that he's a Fursuiter... :P

RCFM Deep Six will also see another New Idea come to fruition, The Mystery
Guest of Honor! Who will this be? Well, we don't know yet. And we WON'T know
who this person is until Opening Ceremonies in 2008! EVERY registered Attendee
is going to be eligible, and the Mystery Guest will be selected by a random
drawing. That's right... there is a REAL chance that YOU could be our third
Guest of Honor for 2008!

The registered Attendee who is selected as the Mystery Guest of Honor will be
invited to ALL Guest and Booster events and will be given ALL due recognition
as an "Attendee Guest of Honor". Seriously! We're not kidding! If we draw
your name, YOU will be a Guest of Honor. Get your Pre-Reg in as soon as you
can, because it could be YOUR name that goes down in RCFM history!

RCFM understands the importance of ALL our Attendees, since we wouldn't even
HAVE a Meet without your attendance and your registration. To show our
appreciation, One lucky person is going to receive a great big Thank You from
RCFM and become an actual Guest! We wish we could do this for everyone, but...
"There can be only One."


RCFM Deep 6 Programming
- Camstone and Commander Kitsune
Programming Staff, Reporting for Duties

On the deck, a tinge of pale light shown on the horizon, twinkling stars still
dancing on the calm sea waters. Commander Kitsune stood the watch next to the
great oak steering wheel of the good ship, RCFM Deep 6. "How sails she, Pilot?"-
The red fox inquired while overlooking his navigation and programming charts.
"She trims well, although the breeze still be light, Master Fox." Indeed, the
sails of the programming winds were still light prior to dawn, and the
navigation charts seemed far too pale and lacking of ink for the eye of the
scarlet blooded male. "What say yee, Master Fox... shall we round the first
marker by December?"

The red fox's brow deeply furrowed, seeming to plow away any doubt in his own
mind. "Aye, Pilot... I believe that the first marker will be rounded and our
program navigation charts will be greatly and well inked before the end of
December. And mark me, Pilot... should I need to, I will call every last
blaggard in the Board of Directors on New Year's Eve... should we not have
the sheets greatly covered with ink by that marker." The kitsune's face glowed
with a wry grin."But what shall yee call them, Master Camstone?" The scarlet
fox's own wry smile stretched and joined with the kitsune's as they looked out
to the horizon, first rays of light reflecting in them simultaneously.

"Whatever it takes, Pilot... whatever it takes."

Aye, you are hereby given fare warning... the programming flag is up on the
mizzen mast, and the foxes are designing our navigation charts into waters deep
and rich with programming - including fare from Guests theof which have never
been seen! Your own nautical duties are to scrub your poop decks and write
down the panels/programming ideas that -you- want to see and send those ideas
to the Commander and me at - right now!That's right,
writing, gaming, fur suit activities, artist, dealer's den activities,
spirituality, Guest of Honor activities, you name it - we're listening. Be
sure to include what you want, how long it runs, and what you will need - as
well as your second in command who will be helping you with the panel. Should
you not have one, say you are looking for one and we'll see what sly magic the
foxes can conjure for you. We will then get back to you, and let RCFM track
leads coordinate all ideas. Should you want to contribute to a specific track,
or take the lead - then we need to hear that as well as your basic ideas no
later than 31 December 2007. After that, we'll only be accepting panels and
schedule changes on a case by case basis - but the likelihood that you'll get
exactly what you want are greatly reduced. So now... is the time to swab your
canon and start checking your powder.

***FURRY SPOTLIGHT: Haystack Caldoon***

Haystack Caldoon got his start in the Furry Fandom back in 1999, about the
same time he moved to the Huntsville area.

One of the most colorful fuzzies in the city, known as the Technicolor Tanuki,
he is currently attending UAH, majoring in graphic design, to further his art
skills and maybe pick up some other interesting knowledge along the way.

Haystack is what is known as a TANUKI. Here is what is said in the opening of
the wikipedia entry for Tanuki:

Tanuki is the Japanese word for raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides). They
have been part of Japanese folklore since ancient times. The legendary
tanuki is reputed to be mischievous and jolly, a master of disguise and shape
shifting, but somewhat gullible and absent-minded.

Tanuki is often mistakenly translated as raccoon or badger.

You can read more about this interesting creature at:


This explains why he has so many raccoons around and why if you look at any of
the badge's he has he looks like a large jolly raccoon.

At RCFM he can usually be found in the consuite.



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