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Legal Statement

Rocket City FurMeet, Inc. (herein after referred to as "RCFM, Inc.") is a 501(c)(7) non profit entity registered with the State of Alabama, the United States of America, and the USA's Internal Revenue Service. RCFM, Inc's chartered purposes include furthering the fellowship of anthropomorphic interested individuals, charitable works of interest to the anthropomorphic community, and hosting an annual convention on or about Memorial Day weekend.

The annual convention "Rocket City FurMeet" (herein after referred to as "RCFM") is the product of funds donated, collected and registered memberships sold to, at and for RCFM, as managed by RCFM, Inc. The entirety of each registered membership is a donation to RCFM, Inc. to help fulfill that charter and to enable the annual hosting of RCFM.

This website is for personal use by RCFM, RCFM Inc., RCFM's registered members and prospective members. This website and all it contains is © (copyright) 2002 - 2012 RCFM, Inc. and is protected as such by national and international copyright law. Rocket City FurMeet is a registered service mark of RCFM, Inc. With the exception of journalistic review and referential HTML links to this website location, no data or other intellectual property may be used from this website without the express written consent of the Executive Staff of RCFM, Inc.

The information on this site is solely for advice or as a general guideline. At no time, unless specifically stated, does it represent a legally binding contract for services or products to be provided or delivered to any group, business, individual, or other entity. All information on this website and/or provided by RCFM, Inc. is subject to change without notice.

All information presented by the user or RCFM member to RCFM, Inc. via this website, by e-mail, by postage-paid mail, at the convention or by any other method will be held to be personal and proprietary property. RCFM, Inc. agrees that it will not resell or share personal information of the user or RCFM member to any other entity, foreign or domestic, without the express written consent of the user or member of RCFM. The user or member of RCFM agrees to the publication of statistical analysis of membership, of which their information contributes a portion thereof. The user or RCFM member agrees that any statistical summary of user information is the property of RCFM, Inc.

Contained on this website, in the convention conbook and/or at the convention itself are various graphical images and other intellectual property that are copyrighted by different authors or artists, and all are used by RCFM with permission. Unless specifically stated on the website or as a result of express written permission of the owner of said intellectual property, at no time is permission given for any images or any other intellectual property used on this site or at the convention or in the convention conbook to be used by any other persons, parties or businesses.

RCFM is a convention run by RCFM, Inc. The user or RCFM member agrees that due to the 501(c)(7) non-profit stature of RCFM, Inc. that the judicial forum for any legal concerns or dispute will be that of the State of Alabama, County of Madison, in the United States of America. RCFM and RCFM, Inc. reserve the right to refuse membership to any individual or entity.

The user of this site or any member of RCFM agrees to hold RCFM, Inc. either not liable for, or liable for $0.00 of, any damages, unexpected costs, expenses, or as a result of any potential lawsuits arising from information provided on this website or as a result of attendance of the convention RCFM. The user or RCFM member is advised that RCFM, Inc. is incorporated under the laws of the State of Alabama, and that the user or RCFM member is bound by this legal agreement.

All events in public spaces taking place at RCFM are © (copyright) of the event producers or the individual performers or artists contributing to said events. Said producers, performers or artists grant a limited license to RCFM and RCFM, Inc. for use of these materials and/or intellectual properties in said panels or events for educational, entertainment or nonprofit purposes.

RCFM, Inc. has a press policy, as explained in the Policies and Rules section of this website, and will enforce said policy for the protection of its attendees and/or registered convention members - and to help accomplish its chartered purposes. Please read and reference that policy for matters related to the press or any broadcast media.

If you have any questions or comments regarding RCFM policies, please send e-mail to No question or comment can be considered read by the Executive Staff or binding to any agreement with RCFM or RCFM, Inc. without a written statement from the Executive Staff of RCFM, Inc. which lists the exact points of agreement or verifies that the question or comment has been read and discussed by the Board of Directors.

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