Rocket City FurMeet: All Systems GO!


What is Rocket City FurMeet? It's an anthropomorphic, or "furry", convention. It's a get-together, a gathering of friends, a chance to make new friends, and so much more. It's primary purpose is to provide a place where members of the furry fandom can gather to have fun and be themselves; a place to be who we really are without having to worry about mundane concerns we think about the rest of the year. In short, it's a FurMeet!

Started in 2003 by Brody, KO, and members of the North Alabama Regional Furs, the Rocket City FurMeet convention (also known as RCFM) is held in Huntsville, Alabama annually on Memorial Day weekend.

RCFM carries many unique traditions. Its science and technology oriented metatheme is inspired by it's close proximity to the US Space and Rocket Center, Marshall Space Flight Center, and Redstone Arsenal. Opening and Closing Ceremonies are raucous, fun-loving affairs. The Wheel of Blame has each staff member's name on it, which is spun at Opening and Closing Ceremonies in order to assign blame for any mistakes that may have occurred during the convention, and throughout the year. RCFM is also well known for its numerous food events intended to keep our attendees from having to search away from the hotel for meals.

RCFM is funded through the Alabama not-for-profit corporation "Rocket City FurMeet, Inc." - which is also certified with the IRS as a 501(c)7 Non-Profit Fraternal Organization.

Rocket City FurMeet (2003)

  • Guest of Honor: Bill Holbrook
  • Attendance: 103

Rocket City FurMeet 2.0 (2004)

  • Guests of Honor: Tyger Cowboy and Jim Groat
  • Attendance: 140
  • Fursuiters: 13

Rocket City FurMeet 3.14 (2005)

  • Guests of Honor: 2 the Ranting Gryphon and Stick Devil
  • Panelist of Honor: Babs Bunny
  • Attendance: 202
  • Fursuiters: 15

Rocket City FurMeet: The 4th Dimension (2006)

  • Guests of Honor: Aura Moser and Sub Level 03
  • Panelist of Honor: Santa Fox
  • Special Guest: Kinky Turtle
  • Attendance: 229
  • Fursuiters: 22

Rocket City FurMeet: Sci-Five (2007)

  • Guests of Honor: AnimeCat, Robert and Margaret Carspecken, Jeff Goode
  • Panelist of Honor: Commander Kitsune
  • Attendance: 332
  • Fursuiters: 45

Rocket City FurMeet: Deep Six (2008)

  • Guests of Honor: WerePuppy, Lionel of Lion of the Sun
  • Panelist of Honor: Eltee Statosky
  • Attendance: 352
  • Fursuiters: 62

Rocket City FurMeet: Magnificent Seven (2009)

  • Guest of Honor: Sue Deer
  • Special Guest: Tinintri Mistral
  • Attendance: 355
  • Fursuiters: 52

Rocket City FurMeet: Lucky 8 (2010)

  • Guest of Honor: Robert King
  • Guest of Honor: Xian Jaguar
  • Attendance: 328

Rocket City FurMeet: Dressed to the Nines (2011)

  • Guest of Honor: Kyoht
  • Guest of Honor: Scape the Goat

Rocket City FurMeet: Decades (2012)

  • Guest of Honor: Fossil!!!

Honored Members


Cerise once said, "Hey, wouldn't it be neat if we had a convention of our own here in town?" And a light went on in Brody's head; the rest is history. Cerise is one of the original signers of the Articles of Incorporation (along with KO and Brody), staffer for the first two years, and long time supporter.


Tallyhawk was the first recipient of the Golden Ticket Award, a lifetime membership to RCFM. Tallyhawk was a brilliant reformer of the website and contributed behind the scenes to the early success of the convention. He may have shunned the spotlight, but we wouldn't have been as successful as we are without him.

Kiran Lightpaw

Kiran Lightpaw modernized the registration system, overseeing the hugely complex task without being overwhelmed. His programming mojo was strong. His friendly face at registration and his ability to stay on top of everything made registration a hub of activity. Everything did revolve around him, at least on the Friday of each con. Kiran is the second Golden Ticket holder, and always welcome.

Lacy Musketeer

Lacy is the third Golden Ticket holder. She was one of the first RCFM staff members and Board of Director members, as well as one of the most industrious. She organized the graphic design elements of the convention, always filling in where others slacked off. She was integral in giving RCFM a presence in Second Life, having the Second Life sim advertise for the convention and bringing in members. Tshirt printing, advertisements, conbook art, website art, Booster goodies - she filled in many holes and made the convention run smoothly.

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