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Event Schedule 2013

EVENT SUBMISSION FORM - Submit your Event for addition to the RCFM Decades Schedule!
(Click above link for 2013 Events Submission Form)

If you have a panel or event you would like to host, please go to the Event Submission Form to request a scheduled event. We do what we can to schedule all good panels and events in the time alloted, but submission does not guarantee the event can happen. Please volunteer for panels early! The schedule fills in fast and we never have enough time to do -everything- we want.

Below is the menu for viewing the 2013 Events Schedule! Here you can see what we have scheduled for RCFM: "The Eleventh Hour"! The schedule viewer has many different levels of viewing ability - either as an "overview", or with specific panel/event information.

A few things to take note of:

  1. The "List" view is strictly alphabetical and does not relate to the day/time of the scheduled event/panel.
  2. The "One-Day" grid view shows every event as a clickable link to specific event information, whereas the "All-Day" view does not.
  3. The "Event Submission Form" link above is available for anyone to use! But please be advised that submitting an event for review and having it put on the schedule are two different things. PLEASE ADD NOTES to your submissions, so we know how to schedule what you'd like to do!
  4. If you encounter any problems with the Schedule views. or other information here, please e-mail us at {} so we can fix the problem!
  5. RCFM extends a special "THANK YOU" to SantaFox for providing us with the wonderfully useful SF Scheduler Tool, version 3.0.0. SantaFox, You Rock!

We look forward to seeing all of you here in June! ;)

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