Rocket City FurMeet: All Systems GO!

About Rocket City FurMeet

What is Rocket City FurMeet? It's an anthropomorphic, or "furry", convention.  It's a get-together, a gathering of friends, a chance to make new friends, and so much more. It's primary purpose is to provide a place where Furs can gather to have fun and be themselves; a place to be who we really are without having to worry about the mundane concerns we think about the rest of the year. In short, it's a FurMeet!

Started in 2003 by Brody, KO, and members of the North Alabama Regional Furs, the Rocket City FurMeet convention (also known as RCFM) is held in Huntsville, Alabama annually on Memorial Day weekend.

Amongst RCFM's many unique traditions are its science and technology oriented themes inspired by it's close proximity to the US Space and Rocket Center, Marshall Space Flight Center, and Redstone Arsenal. RCFM is also well known for it's numerous food events intended to keep our attendees from having to search away from the hotel for meals.

RCFM is funded through the Alabama not-for-profit corporation "Rocket City FurMeet, Inc." - which is also certified with the IRS as a 501(c)7 Non-Profit Fraternal Organization. All content on this website and/or funds collected are the property of Rocket City FurMeet, Inc., or the individual artists who created said content, and shall be used specifically for the purpose of hosting the convention "Rocket City FurMeet".

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