Rocket City FurMeet: All Systems GO!
What is Rocket City FurMeet? It's an anthropomorphic, or "furry", convention. It's a get-together, a gathering of friends, a chance to make new friends, and so much more. It's primary purpose is to provide a place where Furs can gather to have fun and be themselves; a place to be who we really are without having to worry about the mundane concerns we think about the rest of the year. In short, it's a FurMeet!

Registration for RCFM 2014 is now Open!

Registration for Rocket City FurMeet 2014 is now open!!

Please click on "Registration" on the left side of the page to register!

Pre-registration closes on May 18th, 2014. You have from now until then to pre-register and pay for RCFM 2014. If you don't have funds today, that's okay. You'll be emailed a confirmation email that contains information telling you how to pay for your registration later. As long as it's fully pay by May 18th, you'll be fine!

One big change this year is that all registration levels will receive a T-shirt!

Thank you for your patience as we worked everything out, but registration is now open and we're ready to go!

We -FINALLY- have a hotel contract!

Yes, it is true! After a tremendous amount of effort we now have a signed contract, which we put a $2000 deposit down on. So it's unlikely that we'll have last-minute problems like we had with the Airport Sheraton.

This is the "Amberley Suite Hotel", which I heard about from Joel of PCDS. (Thanks Joel!)

Their address is: 807 Bank St NE, Decatur,AL 35601. Their phone number is: (256) 355-6800.

The "yellow pages" website listing is here:

Their website listed is their facebook page, which is here:

They have some pictures on a 30 sec. Youtube video, here:

You must specify the "RCFM Room Rate" when making reservations.

More information will be available on this, and on RCFM 11, as we start moving forward in our planning efforts. We currently have about 9 months to get about a million details lined up just right so that we can move into RCFM's second decade.

We hope to see EVERYBODY there! :D

RCFM 11 Countdown Resumed!

The countdown for RCFM 11 has resumed!

Rocket City FurMeet 11 will be June 13-15th, 2014 at the Amberley Suites Hotel in Decatur, AL!

More information will be coming soon as we gather it!

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